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Cassandra Davidson rubbing a high
Celtic cross
Located in Monasterboice, Ireland

Going to all lengths for a rubbing.
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Time flies when you are having rum
A reference to the Puritans celebrating the "hereafter" with rum.

We create our own waxes

Enjoyable for all ages

Archival quality paper

Create a work of art

NEW Oldstone Rubbing Kit

The “NEW” Old Stone Rubbing Kit

rubbing kit 2015

~GRAVESTONE Rubbing Supplies© ~NEW “Old Stone” Rubbing Kit~


That’s right! Our brand NEW Old Stone Rubbing Kit’s contents are all manufactured here in the USA.


In response to our customers requests for wider rubbing paper, we’ve added three inches to the width
of our internationally known “Aqaba” brand rubbing paper. It now measures 27 inches by 36 inches
to give you more rubbing surface.

We have made the tube wider for easier access to its contents.
The half inch wider width also gives you more space for storing your rubbings.

Each Old Stone Rubbing Kit contains:

5 sheets if “Aqaba” rubbing paper measuring 27 by 36 inches.
Two 1/8 lb, cupcake shaped high quality, deeply pigmented rubbing waxes in the colors most
demanded by our customers; one black wax and one rust wax.
Special masking tape
One soft natural bristle brush for cleaning debris from the stones and markers.
A colorful 16-page gravestone rubbing guide, well illustrated with our favorite rubbings and
photographs, including suggestions for creating your own beautiful craft projects.

The NEWLY updated Old Stone Rubbing kit retails for $29.95, plus shipping.(Canadian buyers $34.95 plus shipping)


Additional copies of the Gravestone Rubbing Guide can be purchased at $5.00 each.


Copyright © by Gravestone Artwear 2015

Product Testimonial

I just want you to know how great I think your products are! I am now using them almost once a week for an 8-12 educational program. The teachers and students are in love with the program and activities especially the gravestone rubbings. It has allowed the students to connect to the past and poetry as the program is centered around the poem by Archibald MacLeish, “The Young Dead Soldiers”. Thank you for keeping this ancient tradition alive and being the only supplier I will work with! Plus, the customer service you provide is the best.
May Maja (Teacher)
Presidio National Park,
San Francisco