Gravestone Artwear's® OLDSTONE Rubbing Supplies

Kalaupapa National Park Service
is using Gravestone Artwear Rubbing Supplies to Record its History,
This is an 1889 photo of Father Damian's memorial.
To see and read more about the history of the Kalaupapa National Park and Father
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Elephants "Past & Present" of North America Old Bet, the elephant was shot in 1816. Being an enormous animal, she was buried on site. This rubbing shows a plaque commemorating her unfortunate demise near Alfred, Maine. Click here to read more about elephants in Maine and North America, past and present.

Artist, Robert Greenberg,
achieves national attention by rubbing the ancient stones in the oldest New Haven,
Connecticut cemetery.He uses our Aqaba rubbing paper and wax for this unique
project.~Read more~

We create our own waxes

Enjoyable for all ages

Archival quality paper

Create a work of art

Oldstone rubbing kit

~Click here~ to watch us and two other great York, Maine, businesses on the WCBV TV Boston's Chronicle site broadcast on Nov.9, 2012.

Gravestone Artwear is honored to have worked with Cider Mill Press, and Suzy Brown, Preview Site Manager at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City, to create a kit specially designed to suit the museum’s requirements

**New Link** - A “Global” Community Arts Initiative site…bringing your rubbings to the world