Gravestone Artwear's® OLDSTONE Rubbing Supplies

Cemeteries are museums without walls.Here’s a collection of 5 by 7 inch postcards from our collection of gravestone rubbings documenting 18th & 19th century epitaphs as works of art as well as history.
~NEW~18th and 19 Century Historic Fatalities and Tragic Events Post Cards Each post card is printed on black heavy stock paper with silver ink.Envelopes for mailing are included.
However, you will want to frame them all.They are that beautiful.10 cards and 10 envelopes packaged in an uniquely illustrated folder with additional information documenting each reproduced grave stone rubbing.Ten cards with 10 envelopes $20.00
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Artist, Robert Greenberg,
achieves national attention by rubbing the ancient stones in the oldest New Haven,
Connecticut cemetery.He uses our Aqaba rubbing paper and wax for this unique
project.~Read more~

We create our own waxes

Enjoyable for all ages

Archival quality paper

Create a work of art

Oldstone rubbing kit