About Us

In 1997 Gravestone Artwear,® Our parent business, perfected the concept of the rubbing kit so that it would include instructions for cleaning old stones as well as providing an historic perspective on the art and history of significant carvings and stone craftsmen.The kit includes the proper paper and wax, brush and tape and a lavishly illustrated page pamphlet. We are proud to say that the latest version of the kit is sold worldwide and marketed by the Simon and Shuster Publishing Company.

Gravestone Artwear® has worked with numerous historic and preservation associations, both by lecturing/participating in preservation projects and creating exclusive designs and products to aid them in fund-raising. Some of our commissions have included Trinity Church in lower Manhattan, the Association for Gravestone Studies and historic attractions such as Plimoth Plantation, and Old Sturbridge Village

Over the years we have found that children, especially, are eager to learn about the history and culture of early settlements in the Colonies and expanding US through the art and stories left behind in often beautiful and park-like outdoor galleries that are old burying grounds and cemeteries. We have testimonials from many teachers over the years to attest to the interest and effectiveness of a literal “hands-on” approach to significant historic events and trends memorialized therein. Before America had art galleries or many visual artists, it had highly skilled craftsmen whose artistry in stone is breathtaking and needs to be preserved and appreciated.

We are dedicated to that endeavor. We're sure your rubbing supply purchase will afford you many happy hours of creating art and history for you, your family and friends.

Be sure and visit our sister site gravestoneartwear.com to see its fine collection of products inspired by gravestone art, fictional characters and ghoulish humor.